Products with the mention Limited edition were in stock at the listing. As they are a seasonnal product or a small batch production. They can be out of stock or discontinued. In such a case, we will be happy to refund in the following 24 hours.
When an item is listed, picture always show exact item and format you will receive. Meanwhile manufacturer have always the right to change package, form, color, design ,size, characteristics for a product. Never such a change can be claimed as a product not as described ...
Don't worry this is normal to every tracking postal system, it usually takes 2-5 business days to appear online. It might be more delayed if its Holiday Season. Up to 2 weeks! This is something we cannot control. BE sure to use shipper tracking site, your item can show on Royal mail, USPS, Canada Post, DHL, UPS ,Fedex , chinapost etc
USA 3 to 5 business days Canada: 5 to 10 business days China+ other countries Can take up 30 to 50 Business days
Usually we process orders 2-6 business days from the day of payment, if not, we will notify you
Sometimes , our suppliers inventory databases are not always up to date. Sometimes, they can take up to 1 week to adjust inventory with sales. In such a case, we will send a substitution notification if available. If buyer refuse inside time limit provided we will send a full refund immediately, when an item is sold out.
Most countries have different laws, so it's impossible to include duties inside selling price. As rules of thumb, usually no duties on item under $40.00 in most countries. Usa have no duties under $200.00 declared value.
We sell wordlwide. So an item legal in USA can be illegal in France or Canada or UK. For your protection, check with customs if the item you are buying is legal or not. Ex: Laser, medication, self defense item, cigarette ,perfume, software are subject to different rules following countries laws... Most of the time, those items will cross the borders without problem... Meanwhile, if your parcel is open before to be cleared,it can be seized by customs. In such a case, you will loose your money.
You can ask the seller to cancel within 1 hour of paying for the order. During this period, seller will assume any loss due to currency changes fees.
If you cancel in the following hour we will refund total amount received. If we accept to refund after more than 1 hr, for a specific reason, you will responsible for: 1-Payment fees: 5% with Stripe 2-Platform fees: pub charged to seller for this sale= 15% 3-Exchange fees, when paid with a money other than USD 5%
Will my chocolate items be safe going to a hot country? Purchasing chocolate or confectionery destined for countries with hot climates is done so at your own risk. We cannot send chocolate out with ice packs, as this damages the chocolate causing a white bloom. The condensation will also cause damage to other items in the order. Chocolate items will be dispatched in ambient boxes, please note that we cannot offer refunds for chocolate items that have melted due to a heatwave or hot climates. Thank you for understanding.